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5 Feng Shui Laughing Buddha Symbols to Garner Great Benefits

Smiling face, protruding tummy, chubby face and glowing aura, these all define the characteristics of Laughing Buddha perfectly.

Of all feng shui items, the statue of Laughing Buddha catches the attention instantly. From home and office to restaurants, you’ll find this figurine easily. He is considered the God of wealth, happiness, career, success and children. Having his idol installed in home or office is said to fill the surroundings with positive vibes.

Even, there is a belief that rubbing his belly eradicates financial woes!
These days you’ll find varieties of laughing buddha statues online and in local shops. They come in different positions holding different things, symbolizing different characteristics.

Let’s find out different laughing buddha statues with different props here. This will help you find the best one suitable for your home or office and yielding better results.

But before that, let’s dig in the laughing buddha story first.

Laughing Buddha Story

Feng Shui Laughing Buddha

As per the belief, Laughing Buddha is deemed as a Chinese monk. He is said to have lived over thousand years ago.

He walked from one village to another distributing toys, sweets and trinkets among children. He always carried a sack full of gifts and goodies. He had a jolly smile on his face. He had a protruding tummy. Due to these characteristics, people started him calling as ‘Smiling or Happy Buddha’.

Laughing Buddha with Different Things

Laughing Buddha with Ingot

laughing buddha

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Ingot stands for an oval-shaped bowl. The smiling Buddha is seen holding it in his hands. The ingot symbolizes prosperity and wealth. In case you get the Buddha idol holding ingot place this figurine in the money area of your home.

Laughing Buddha with Bowl

Laughing Buddha with Bowl
Every monk carries a bowl in his hand that showcases its importance in a monk’s life. A monk uses this bowl for begging or alms. It also stands for enlightenment and detachment from the worldly life.

When laughing Buddha holds his bowl, then it is signified as Ru Yi or Bowl of Plenty. His statues carrying this bowl over his head is highly auspicious.

Happy Buddha with Fan (Oogi)

Laughing Buddha with Fan

Oogi is a wish granting fan in Feng Shui. The smiling Buddha holding it in his hand represents joy and happiness. Placing a figurine of Buddha with a fan in his hand means eradicating miseries and granting all your wishes.

Smiling Buddha with Sack

Laughing Buddha with Sack

The smiling Buddha holding a sack symbolizes him going from one place to another. The sack symbolizes treasure. Having a figurine of him carrying a sack at home means removing all your troubles and brining prosperity and good luck.

Happy Buddha Holding Golden Ball (Peach)

Laughing Buddha Holding Golden Ball

The happy Buddha with a golden ball is a representation of wealth and prosperity. The golden ball also signifies wisdom.

Understanding the symbol of Laughing Buddha with help you pick the right figurine for your home or office among other feng shui products. So, take a help from above-said tips and bring home the perfect statue.


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