Where to Place A Laughing Buddha At Home As Per Feng Shui?

Where to Place A Laughing Buddha At Home As Per Feng Shui?

In ancient China, the Laughing Buddha was often depicted as being happy and fat with an enigmatic smile on his face. He is usually seen carrying a bag of gold or money (symbolizing wealth) and sometimes he carries a wish-fulfilling jewel (symbolizing wishes coming true). The Laughing Buddha's round belly signifies abundance and brings good fortune through laughter and joy. His jolly demeanor makes him an ideal addition to any space in need of happiness, positivity, or new beginnings.

He is the god of happiness, wealth, good luck and prosperity. However, he is not all about materialism. He is also concerned with people's spiritual well-being. It is said that he can grant wishes to those who are pure at heart and punishes those who are not so through all kinds of misadventures. 

Importance of placing laughing buddha statue in your home

laughing buddha

It is believed that placing a laughing Buddha in your home or office will bring new opportunities into your life. Laughing Buddhas are usually placed on an altar which can be anywhere in the house but very auspicious locations include entrances, main doors or even beside the bed if you have just moved into a new house or apartment as it signifies beginnings for you there. However if your living room or dining room is facing South and you want to place a shining Laughing Buddha there, it will bring the energy of abundance and prosperity into your life.

Metal or Clay laughing Buddha

The placement of laughing Buddhas also depends on what kind of laughing Buddha that you have – metal or clay. If you have a metal one, it needs to be placed in an East direction as this corresponds with Metal energy which is associated with the year. However if you have a clay one, it needs to be placed in a West direction as this corresponds with Wood energy which is associated with the month. This practice makes sure that the Laughing Buddha's luck flows throughout your home for 12 months instead of just for 6 months (if he was only placed in an eastern part of your home).

Ideal direction for placing laughing Buddha

In addition, you need to pay attention to the direction from which your laughing Buddha is facing. In Feng Shui practice, each direction corresponds with a certain element and this influences our luck in different ways. Here are some of the directions for possible Laughing Buddha placements:

  • If your laughing Buddha is located at the entrance leading into your main door, he should face inside of your house towards the middle or living room. This placement brings happiness into a home and it also helps keep all negative energies outside where they belong.
  • If your laughing Buddha is on the left side of your home's front entrance (this means that it faces outwards), he should face South to increase wealth and luck.
  • If you have a metal or even a wood laughing Buddha, he should face East (this is the best option) as it is the direction of Wealth. However if you have a clay Buddha, it can be placed in the West as this helps to increase career luck and overall life happiness.
  • If your laughing Buddha is facing South or North, do not worry – it does not matter too much. It will still bring good luck and prosperity into your home no matter which way he faces! The main thing here is that we want him facing inward – towards the middle of the house – instead of facing outwards where negative energies might enter our lives.

Note: If you find that there are two doors on opposite sides of your living room/main entrance or porch etc., then you need to get two laughing buddha statues instead of just one. 

One final reminder: it's best to keep The Buddha out of the bathroom. It's a personal space designed for cleansing and reflection, so he might want to stay somewhere else! And remember, feng shui isn't just about where you place your statues - it's about how you treat them afterwards. You should always pick up after yourself and be respectful of Buddha at all times. As long as you follow these simple rules, he'll reward you with an endless amount of success and happiness!

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