A Guide for Cleansing With Sage Sticks

Cleanse Your Home with Sage Sticks

Every day, humans are affected by the energy around them, both their own and that of others. The energy we feel isn't always as positive as we would like, and it can lead to bad moods, feeling stuck, and even relationship problems if it becomes stagnant. In these circumstances, spiritual purification becomes necessary. One such cleansing practice is the use of sage sticks or burning sage to eliminate and purify negative energy.


Understanding Sage

Sage has been around for centuries. Sage, which means 'to heal' in Latin, is a potent herb used by shamans and healers worldwide as an essential element of their traditional medicines. Although sage is just a greyish-blue-green plant, it has grown in importance among indigenous people in recent years due to its usage in spiritual ceremonies. 

According to scientific research, smoking sage has antibacterial and antimicrobial abilities, can deter insects, enhance mood and cognition, discharge negative ions, and even help with insomnia.


Benefits Of Burning Sage  


Negative Ion Purification

Conflicts and stress can build positive ions around us and make us feel lethargic, exhausted, and tired. Burning sage releases a flood of negative ions, neutralizing the positive charge and restoring our vitality.

Natural Sage Leaves

Brain Stimulant

When particular ideas or stressors cloud our minds, we feel confused and less confident. Sage can be used to improve cognition and enhance brain functions because it does an excellent job of soaking up all the bad smog and fog around us.


Reduces Tension and Anxiety

Burning sage can be a lovely treatment for reducing tension and anxiety since it has wonderful grounding characteristics and can bring you back to the present moment. Not only is the aroma of sage extremely relaxing, but the process of burning sage can also assist us in directing our energy and setting goals.


Purifies Healing Objects

Crystals and other healing objects can occasionally build up excess energy and require a thorough discharge and recharge to function properly. Sage can purify crystals, worry stones, wands, and other energy objects by cleansing and charging them, thus retaining their potency.


Increases Sleep Quality

Burning sage is a lovely bedtime ritual since it purifies the air, lightens your mood, and cuts through stress. This herb of the night includes substances that can activate brain receptors and lessen the symptoms of stress and pain.


How Do You Burn Sage?

Finding the correct high-quality sage is the first step in the sage burning ceremony, followed by setting the scene, connecting with the intention, and engaging in the ritual with gratitude and reverence for the sacred herb as it goes to work, expelling negative energy and providing its purifying energy.

Step 1: Begin the preparations by gathering the items, namely a sage bundle, a sage holder such as an abalone seashell or ceramic bowl to store burning sage or collect ash, a lighter and, if required, a feather or fan to fan smoke. Also, it would help if you opened windows or doors to allow smoke and negative energy to escape the room.

Abalone Shell Sage Holder


Step 2: Next, set clear intentions of what you want to achieve, as it helps to keep you focused and present while we perform this age-old ritual. Before you smudge (or burn the sage) the area, keep your prayer or mantra clear in your head and your heart and chant it when performing the ritual.

Step 3: Light the smudge sticks by holding them sideways and lighting them with a candle or a lighter. Then, gently blow the flame out after allowing it to burn for 10 to 20 seconds. On the smudge stick, there should still be embers visible, and it should be glowing.

Step 4: Place the sage in the container, and when the smoke starts to billow, move around the room to encourage it to flow, or if you are able, direct it toward the window or the door to show it the way out.


Picking the Right Bundle

Whether you want to smudge around your living space to bring warmth, friendship, empathy, or love, smudge bundles are the perfect tool. Below you will find a list of a few popular sage bundles and smudge used worldwide.


White California Sage

A native of the Southwest of the United States, California White Sage is also referred to as sacred sage. Burning White California Sage Sticks has been shown to improve sleep quality and cognitive performance while reducing sinus inflammation and aerial bacteria.


Palo Santo

The palo santo tree is a tropical dry forest species that yields a highly aromatic resin. Palo Santo, which translates to 'holy wood' in Spanish, has a calming smell and purifying energy and aids in minimizing tension and anxiety. It helps reduce oxidative stress and protects against free radical damage.

Palo Santo Holy Woods & Organic Lavender


Cedar Sage

Cedar Sage Smudge Bundles have several benefits, including a powerful, fragrant, woodsy aroma that is considered the mother of life-givers in Native American culture. In addition, it improves mood, lowers stress, enhances sleep quality, and increases vitality.

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