Don’t Miss these 11 Unique Gift Ideas for Mom this Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day 2018

Still thinking what to buy for mom? Can’t figure out the best Mother’s Day gifts to woo your momma darling? Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

This Mother’s Day 2021 take inspiration from our list of unique gifts to let your mom know you care. Let’s have a look at our selection.

1. White Marble Lord Ganesha Statue for Mom

Mother's Day 2018 Gift Idea

If uniqueness is what your mother likes the most, surprise her with this Ganesha statue. Made of marble, it boasts a crisp white structure with golden tint. Although it’s a perfect house decoration item, it is said to bring peace and prosperity as well.

There is nothing as beautiful as a spiritual idol for a mom who is an ardent follower of Lord Ganesha.

2. Shiv Family Figurine

Shiv Family Figurine for Mom

A figurine of Shiv Family is an exemplification of peace, harmony and love among family members. This Mother’s Day, thank your mom with this beautiful idol. It’s made of polyresin and has a vibrant texture all over it.

3. Votive Glass Set

Gifts for Mom

Let your mother’s room dazzle with this exquisite votive glass set. It’s made of iron with rose golden polish. The diamond-shaped cut all over gives it a unique look. The set of two votive glasses when kept in it with burning t-lights, it creates a vibrant atmosphere.

It’s going to be a unique gift for mother for sure!

4. Glass Pillar Candle Holders

Pillar Candle Holder for Mother

Among our unique gift ideas for mom, you’ll find this set of three pillar candle holders worth spending. It’s carved out of glass material with acute precision. While the top and bottom portion has an exquisite transparent crystal carving, the centre one is made of black crystal in trapezium shape.

This is certainly the best Mother’s Day gift for your maa.

5. Bhagvad Gita Book in Wooden Case

Bhagvad Gita for Mom

In our Mother’s Day special gift section, we have added religious books as well. This Bhagvad Gita book comes in a unique wooden case. The book has verses in English and Sanskrit for your mom to read and understand easily. The cover has metal detailing on the edges that gives it a unique look.

It’s surely a unique gift for mother this Mother’s Day 2021.

6. Vintage Handmade Essential Oil Bottle

Vintage Brass Oil Bottle

Does your mom like to collect antique collectibles? This antique brass oil bottle is surely the best gift this Mother’s Day! It’s made of authentic brass sheet and has a vintage cork. The polished texture all over gives it an exquisite appearance. Your momma darling would love to store essential oil in it for a soothing experience or aroma therapy.

7. Antique Brass Urli Floater on Stand

Mother's Day Gift

Is your mom a homemaker? Does she like decorating each corner of the home? This antique brass urli floater on stand is the best gift idea for upcoming Mother’s Day! The stand has a handmade pillar structure with exquisite design. The pot or the urli has a smooth texture with antique gloss sure to elevate the look and feel of your surroundings.

Go get this perfect house decoration item to let your mom know you care about her!

8. Hand-packed Daily Pooja Box

Pooja Box for Mom

Is she into religious worshipping? Does she love performing daily puja at home? A pooja box is surely the perfect gift idea for mom! We have this box arranged personally for moms who like to worship daily for the peace and happiness of their family. You can get this box even personalized with your choice of idols, products and items.

Her eyes will dazzle with sheer happiness!

9. Reiki Crystal Bracelet

Reiki Crystal for Mom

Don’t bother upon what to buy for mom as we have got this exclusive gift to pick from! Reiki crystal bracelet is known to clarify one’s chakra. It’s an age-old practice to gain health benefits and clear chakras with raiki crystals. Just let your momma darling wear this bracelet.

What would be better than gifting something having positive impact on our mom’s body!

10. Feng Shui Evil Eye Keychain

Feng Shui gift for Mother

We would never want our mom to be a victim of evil eye or bad influences, do we? This Mother’s Day 2021 gift your mom this feng shui keyring to keep her away from evil eye and one’s malicious thoughts!

This keyring features evil eye beads with tortoise charm. While the beads will repel the malevolent effect of evil eye, the tortoise will bring peace and prosperity.

11. Handcrafted Marble Incense Sticks Holder

Mother's Day 2018

Gift your mother this traditional agarbatti or incense sticks holder as a depiction of your love. This Mother’s Day, your search for the best gift for mom ends here with My Pooja Box. This incense stick holder is made of marble and has an exquisite design with latticework.

So guys and girls, take inspiration from above gifts suggestions to make your mom happy this Mother’s Day.

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