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Most Indian festivals that were previously indigenous to the Indian sub-continent are now known worldwide. Some of this has to do with the inception of online media but most of it has to do with the fact that a large number of Indians have settled abroad… especially in the USA. As a result, we've seen lots of comments online where customers are asking if they can send Rakhis to India using an online service from USA. We know the number of Indian citizens living in the United States is rather high, so we decided to start our own "send Rakhis to India online delivery service".

The goal of our service is similar to others online where we aim to help make the world a smaller place during festive times. Afterall, we've all heard stories from friends and family about one individual of the family missing out on the celebrations because he was in another country for college.

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Cultural & time differences should never be a factor in one’s cultural celebrations. But those differences can only be eliminated if the problem of “distance” is resolved first. Luckily, in the 21st century, the world is as small as its ever been. Partly thanks to the birth of the internet and partly due to the optimization of international delivery channels.

And that’s not all. As multiple international delivery channels started to come into existence, the number of customers availing their services increased too. Eventually, economies of scale kicked in and quite conveniently made the whole international delivery process more standardized and cheaper too.

Back in the day, people would have to wait for ages in ques at the post office even if they wanted to have a Rakhi sent within India let alone having a Rakhi sent to USA. Sending a Rakhi to USA from India was largely out of question and only the wealthiest individuals could even think about it.

This obviously isn't an ideal situation as Rakhi is a festival for the masses and not just for the ultra-rich. Everyone should have equal opportunity to celebrate our culture and our Rakhi delivery service to India from USA does just that. With My Pooja Box, literally anyone can send rakhis and rakhi gifts online to foreign countries.

It’s completely hassle free and all formalities can be completed from the comfort of your own home. Plus, we offer a vast variety of Rakhis to choose from in order to ensure you get exactly what you want. From designer Rakhis that feature Zardosi embroidery to the highly auspicious gold and silver Rakhis. You can find all that and more on our store.

Sending Rakhis To India From USA With My Pooja Box – The Steps

If you're looking to send rakhis or Rakhi gifts to India from USA, don’t let distance and time be a factor in your efforts this Rakhsha Bandhan. With My Pooja Box, all you have to do is log onto our website, select the Rakhi you’d like to gift your brother, select the address you wish to deliver to and hit send! And Voila! Your Rakhi and Rakhi gifts are on their way…

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