Palo Santo - How to Use & Benefits

Palo Santo

Known for its sweet and smoky fragrance, Palo Santo is a mystical root that is traditionally used for ages. Harvested into the dry tropical forests of South America, Peru, Ecuador, and other countries, Palo Santo has been playing a great role in treating stress, pain, purifying air, cleansing negativity, and other medicinal purposes.
Palo Santo- Bursera Graveolens, in Spanish literally means “Holy Wood” or the “Wood of the Saints” is available in the form of oil, wood, and resin. Being a part of the citrus family, Palo Santo releases a pleasant pine, lemon, and minty fragrance.

Before digging into the benefits of Palo Santo, let us understand the method of using it to experience its benefits in your life. Palo Santo can be used for many purposes, i.e; as aromatherapy, to cleanse the space, and also for meditative purposes.

To take a note; always make use of a fireproof bowl or a heatproof dish when lighting the Palo Santo Holy Woods & Organic Lavender, or the White Sage and Lavender Smudge Stick. Here is the basic procedure along with a couple of tips to use the Holy Wood for various purposes.

a. For Aromatherapy
Make use of a candle or a match stick to light the stick and hold it downwards, to an about 45-degree angle, and let it burn for 30 seconds. Blow out the flame, place it in an aroma diffuser and let the soothing aroma create a spa-like environment at your home. This will surely calm your nervous system, boost your mood, and reduce headaches, stress, and tensions.

b. To Cleanse the space
Creating a naturally tranquil atmosphere, the Palo Santo Holy Woods & Organic Lavender aids in cleansing the negativity in one’s mind and space. Just light up the stick as mentioned above and move the stick in every corner of the room to spread its smoke and fragrance. This will cleanse bad energies in your space.

c. For Meditative purpose
Using the Palo Santo for meditational purposes is also another amazing idea and a great spiritual practice you can incorporate into your life. For this, just light the stick, and let it burn for a few seconds. Then, blow the flame, place it in a heatproof bowl. Keep this bowl in the area where you meditate or perform yoga.

Furthermore, this impressive tree which is used to seek an amazing connection with spirituality comes with incredible benefits. Explore some of the interesting benefits of Palo Santo Holy Woods & Organic Lavender.

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1. Wards off mosquitoes and other insects
Smudging the Palo Santo sticks is a non-harmful way to repel the mosquitoes, bugs, insects, termites, and flies. Being composed of an amazing ingredient; Limonene which possesses the necessary oils, aromatic resins, and insecticide properties, Palo Santo is a great mosquito repellent.

2. Alleviates physical ailments
Just like any other cups of herbal tea, the Palo Santo Tea isa great solution for physical ailments like cold, asthma, flus, anxiety, throat pain, and arthritis. Along with promoting good sleep, moisturizes the skin, and also prevents the occurrence of cancer.

3. Enhances creativity, love, and good luck
Releasing the stress, confusion, anxiety, and promoting clarity in thoughts, burning Palo Santo sticks open the door for creativity, concentration, love, and good luck. Inviting happiness into your life, smudging these sticks creates a positive feeling in your mind.

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4. Reduces stress and relaxes mentally
The major mental ailments like anxiety, stress, sleeping disorders, and depression are cured by the smudging of Palo Santo. This aromatherapy creates a sense of relaxation.

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