How to Cleanse Your Home With Sage Sticks

Sage Sticks

Can a beautiful bundle of Sage Sticks really work wonders in our lives?Creating a pure and heavy presence with its pleasant minty, sweet, and soothing fragrance, Smudging uplifts the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of a person. Practiced for thousands of years by a larger part of Native America including Cahuilla, Lakota, Chumash, and other different cultures, the smudging process is an absolute way of releasing positive energy.

Referred to as an ‘Ancient Spiritual Ritual’, the burning of Lavender Herbal Cleansing Smudge sticks, Palo Santo and many more such Sage Sticks possessing antimicrobial properties keeps several problems at bay. Sometimes called “Spiritual Hygiene” the smudging of the sticks is the purest form of clearing and cleansing negativity from one’s mind and space.

Warding off about 95% of the bacteria in the air, the smoke of the sage also helps to keep a balance in the energies of the body. This tool of holistic healing can be used at home or also at the office to maintain a pure, healthy, calm, and happy environment.

Focusing clearly on the intention of burning the sage, carrying out the smudging process does come with some rules and tips that you need to follow. What are those suggestions and the right steps about How to Cleanse Your Home With Sage Sticks. Let us have a look at the article below to know more about the practice of smudging.

a. Collect the smudging materials
This is the first and foremost step where you need to check out the availability of all the items required for smudging. So, you will need a bundle of your favorite sage sticks, candle, a matchstick or a lighter, a fan for fanning smoke (optional), an essential oil diffuser, and a bowl of sand which will act as an extinguisher. Furthermore, you can make use of an aroma oil diffuser or also a shell sage holder to place the sticks.

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b. Fix your intentions and select a mantra to be chanted
Setting your intentions before starting the smudging process is the most important step you need to take. Be it for your family members or your home, set specific intentions to invite positive vibes and clear out the vacuum of negativity, bad spirits, and other factors that pollute your space. Also decide on a mantra to multiply the benefits.

c. Begin with the smudging by lighting the sticks
Now that you have fixed your intentions and collected all the items, let us start the smudging process by lighting the sticks at the very tips with the help of a match stick or a lighter. Hold the sage carefully in a 45-degree angle downwards and let it burn for about 25-30 seconds. Then, gently blow the flame to let the smoke fill in the space.

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d. Guide the smoke in your living space
Carefully move this lit smudge stick around the house and in every corner of each single room to ward off the negativity in your house. Make sure that you open the windows and doors of your house to let the negativity move out. Also, ensure to keep aside the items that can easily catch fire.

e. Moving to the closing ceremony

To take a note, do not use water to extinguish the sage, instead press the tip of the stick firmly into the bowl of sand, a ceramic bowl, or a shell sage holder. While in the process, chant the final prayer, mantra and then speak your intentions to end the ceremony.

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