How to Cleanse Crystal Healing Products?

How to Cleanse Crystal Healing Products?

It's all about the vibrations! Crystal healing products vibrate at a different frequency, producing vibrational fields. These vibrational fields interact with other fields, including our particular Biomagnetic field. Through this interaction, they can influence our emotional states and create their benefits - Vibrational healing. The more you interact with crystals and use them in your daily life, the better. You'll notice a vibrational connection between your Biomagnetic field and the crystal's field.

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What does this have to do with cleansing? 

Because the crystal's natural vibration interacts with people's energy fields, they can absorb lower vibrational energies when they enter a field vibrating at a lower, heavier frequency. Each of our emotions has its vibration, with heavy, low-frequency vibrations associated with grief, rage, and frustration. Our crystals can hold on to some of this lower frequency energy

when we utilize them to help elevate our moods and bring us back to a higher vibrating state.

By purifying our crystal healing products, we allow them to vibrate at their original high vibrational frequencies again, allowing them to elevate our vibrational frequency when needed the most.

How Do I Clean My Crystals?

Cleaning your crystals can be done in a variety of ways. It's vital to think about your crystals' specific qualities and how long each step takes when picking a method for cleaning them. You can use a variety of strategies to cleanse the stones energetically or symbolically: 

1. Elemental cleansing

A dish of soil, a burning candle, burning incense, and a water container are required for the Elemental Cleansing. Dip the stone in the water and swiftly run it through the candle's flame. After that, pass the stone through the incense smoke before setting it down on the soil. Visualize the element removing unwanted energy from the stone as you go through each stage. For example, fire burns, water washes, air blows, and the ground absorbs.

2. Smoke Cleansing

You'll need a smoke cleansing stick or burning herbs. Allow the smoke to drift over the stone while holding it in your hand. As the smoke travels higher and away, visualize it gently liberating and removing any negative energy from the stone.

3. Sunlight or Moonlight

This procedure involves exposing the stone to Sunshine or Moonlight for an extended time (preferably for 12hours). Allow the stone's energy to be cleared by the frequency of the light.

4. Earth Cleanings

You'll need a soil container or a place to bury your crystal healing product. Cover the crystal with soil in the container or dig a small hole outdoors and cover it with soil. Allow for 24 hours under cover before rinsing and drying the stones.

5. Music and Sounds

You'll need a gong or singing bowl, or you can use your voice to create music and sounds. Visualize all negative energy being removed and transported away when the sound vibration reaches your stone, leaving it pure and renewed.

6. Salt Cleansing

A bowl or dish, as well as salt, is required. Construct a sea salt bed, leave the crystal to lie on it overnight, dissolve a heaped spoonful of salt in some spring water and let the crystal soak overnight.

How Often to Cleanse Your Crystals?

Cleaning your crystals every month is a decent rule of thumb. You can choose to cleanse them more frequently if you use them often, but once a month is a good starting point. Remember to trust your gut! Cleanse your crystals if you believe they are heavier or less effective than they should be. It is always preferable to be safe rather than sorry.

On your spiritual path, crystal healing products are an excellent tool. They must, however, be adequately cleansed and recharged to guarantee that they are as effective as possible. It ensures that your crystals work to their full potential for healing, grounding, and spiritual fulfillment.


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