How to care for your Himalayan salt lamp?

Himalayan salt lamp

Carved out from the beautiful pinkish salt that originated at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain ranges, Himalayan Salt Lamps are fixed with a bulb inside, which when lit radiate a warm reddish-pink soft glow. Offering several health benefits and environmental benefits, these salt rock lamps which are the “natural ionizers,” yield positive effects with their frequencies. Neutralizing the electromagnetic radiations, these lamps are a great way to amplify your home decor with its outstanding elegance.

Moreover, as these lamps take care of the environment and our health in the best possible way, this lovely piece of decor also needs to be taken care of. Being the product of nature, the salt used in making this product may witness leaking or sweating. So, before jumping into the maintenance and care of the salt lamp, let us have a quick look at its correct usage and several do’s and don't you need to know. 

  1. Always place the salt lamp on a placemat or a small plate to avoid scratches on any surfaces of furniture or floor. 
    1. Keep away the lamp in an area that contains moisture which will help the water to evaporate and avoid leaking it down.
    2. Do not place the salt lamps near speakers, as their high vibrations can cause the bulb inside the lamp to break or fuse.
    3. Make it a point to keep your lamp on for at least 16 hours a day to avoid the salt from sweating.
    4. Avoid placing the salt lamps in outdoor areas, lawns, or exposed to open doors and windows, as they may collect too much moisture present in the air. 

    As now we are aware of some of the do’s and don't, here is a simple yet very helpful guide on how to care for your Himalayan salt lamp? Follow a few easy steps to make your glow with radiance again. 

    1. Make use of the right bulb

    The lamps used in the salt lamps do make a huge difference. Yes, a regular LED bulb does not emit the required amount of heat, to make this lampwork. Hence you can go for the bulbs that are of the 12V-12W. 

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    2. Switch the lamp on to avoid them sweating

    The best solution to avoid your lamp from leaking or sweating is to keep it on day and night. Following this step will not only dry out the moisture but also ease the cleaning process. Using very little energy, these lamps will cost you a minimal bill even if you use them 24x7.

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    3. Follow a safe plugging procedure

    You need to be extremely careful when plugging or unplugging the salt lamp to avoid accidents. Firstly turn off the lamp, unplug it from the switch, and then remove the bulb. As the moisture of the salt keeps the bulb fixed, it is quite difficult to remove the same of the lamp.

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    4. Place it away from the water

    Salt has the property to dissolve in the water easily, hence do not wash the lamp directly under the running water, or in areas like the bathroom, kitchen, garden, or basement. Using water in the cleaning process can damage the lamp to a greater extent.

    5. Clean it with a damp cloth instead of rubbing it and cover it with a cling film when not in use

    In case you want to give some pause to the usage of the salt rock lamp you can follow the best pro-tip that will avoid the lamp from eroding. Gently clean it with a soft damp cloth, place it in an air-tight container, wrap it with a cling wrap, or any plastic carry bag which will keep the lamp from collecting water or any moisture content.

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