Perform Holi pooja vidhi by going through below guide. 

Pooja Samagri we need-

Beads made of cow dung, water one bowl, rice, roli, dhoop, incense sticks, turmeric pieces, flowers, raw cotton thread, coconut, gulal powder, unbroken lentin (moong) and batasha, fully grown freshly-cut crops of wheat and gram.

Pooja Procedure

Holi Pooja Vidhi

First of all, keep all the pooja essentials in a thali and keep water in a traditional tumbler or pot. Sit down facing East or North direction. Sprinkle some water on the pooja thali and yourself to begin with the procedure.

Chant this mantra thrice- Om Pundrikakshah Punatu

Now, put rice, water, flower and money in the right hand for Sankalp. Chant the following mantra for sankalp-

OM Vishnuh, Vushnu Shri Madbhagvatoh Mahapurushya Vishnuragya Adhya Divase ............. (name the samvatsar as per hindu calendar) naam samvatsare samvat ........ (Year as per Hinu calendar) falghun mase subhe shuklapakshe poornimayam shubh tithi ...... (name the day) ....... gautra (name your gautra) utpanna ........ (pronounce your name) mama eeha janmani janamaantare vaa sarvpaapakshaypurvak dirghayuvipuldhandhanyam shatruparajay mamah daihik daivik bhautik trividh taap nirtyarthm sadbhishtsidhdhayrthe prahladnrisinhholi ityadinam pujanmaham karishyami.

After Sankalp, remember Lord Ganesha by taking flower and rice in right hand. Chant the following mantra-

Gajananam Bhutganahdisevitam Kapitthjmuphalcharubhakshanam

Umasutam Shokvinashakkarkam Namami Vighaneshvarpadpamjam

Om Gan Ganpatyeh Namah Panchopacharrthe Gandhakshthpushpani Samarpayami

Recite above mantra and apply roli on a flower, put some akshat ion it and offer it to Lord Ganesha. Also offer dhoop and deep.

Once Lord Ganesha’s worship is done, remember, Maa Ambika. Offer roli, akshat and flower same as Lord Ganesha and chant following manytra-

OM Ambikayee Namah Panchopacharrathe Gandhakshatpushpaani Samarpayami

After that, remember Lord Narshima. Apply roli and offer rice, flower and dhoop. Chant following mantra-

OM Narshimyae Namah Panchopacharrathe Gandhakshatpushpaani Samarpayami

Now, remember, Prahlada and apply roli, offer rice, flower and dhoop by chanting following mantra-

OM Prahladay Namah Panchopacharrathe Gandhakshatpushpaani Samarpayami

Stand in front of Holi and join your hands and seek blessings and request for fulfilling your wishes while chanting given mantra-

Asrikpabhaysantrastaiyee Krita Tvam Holi Balishaiyeeh

Astatvaam Pujishyami Bhute Bhutiprada Bhavah

Offer flower, rice, dhoop, deep, unbreakable moong daal, turmeric, garland made of dried cow dung and coconut to Holika. Tie three, five or seven rounds of theraw yarn while going around the Holika.

After that, empty the water pot in front of the Holika.

Wait till Holika is burnt. Seek blessings and roast the brought grain in the fire and distribute it as prasad.

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