Planning for the New Year has already begun and you still haven’t prepared the gifts for your loved ones? Never mind. You can add an extra layer of joy and excitement to the New Year’s party celebration with these Good Luck Gift Ideas for New Year 2022 like the Evil Eye hanging, salt lamp, Feng Shui Laughing Buddha. Do check out this article.

1. Confidence Crystal Healing Tumble Stone Set
This tumble stone kit features a unique combination of Feng Shui crystals like the Tiger’s Eye, Howlite, Sunstone, Rose Quartz, and Citrine, where every crystal possesses its own benefit to the user and boosts confidence.

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2. Turkish Evil Eye Feng Shui Wall Hanging Decor
Made from glass and plastic, this attractive Turkish Evil Eye hanging item of decor suits your home, office, or even vehicles. Paired with the eye trinkets, this enticing wall hanging piece shields you and your loved ones from negativity and bad omens.

3. Box Of Unconditional Love
Gift this stunning Box Of Unconditional Love to that special person in your life and make this New Year much more memorable. Bloom up your love life with this item that incorporates a Rose tree, Rose Quartz Bracelet, Rose (healing crystals) Showpiece, Aroma Salt Diffuser, and others.

4. Vastu Feng Shui Antique Brass Owl for Home Decor
Representing the symbol of wisdom, knowledge, prosperity, and good luck, Owl is the vehicle of Goddess Laxmi. Available in two different sizes, this antique owl figurine which is made in brass is inspired by the authentic principles of Vastu and Feng Shui for a better lifestyle.

5. 7 Chakra Aqua Crystal Pendant/Necklace
This 7 Chakra Aqua Crystal Pendant/Necklace is one of the cutest items made from Feng Shui crystals channelize the spiritual energy and heal you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Accentuating the beauty of your loved ones, this adorable pendant is truly a good luck charm.

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6. Decorative Feng Shui Dragon Crystal Ball Showpiece
This product serves as a very good gift item for a couple as the Dragon (Yang) is masculine and Phoenix (Yin) is feminine symbolizes the “imperial family”. Place this decorative showpiece in the fortunate east direction to witness a positive change in your relationships, health, love life, career, and overall strength of your life.

7. Antique Lord Ganesha With Musical Instrument
Lord Ganesha who is the God of Knowledge, Abundance, and Happiness is widely worshiped by the devotees. Hand-painted with beautiful colors and made in polyresin, this Ganesha idol with a musical instrument with a wooden base is a perfect good luck gift.

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8. Feng Shui Pagoda Educational Tower
This Feng Shui Pagoda Educational Tower is a perfect gift item and a good luck charm for students and career aspirants. Warding off the negative or bad energy, this item symbolizes wisdom, peace, and knowledge.

9. Laughing Buddha with Dragon Tortoise on Bed of Wealth
This Feng Shui Laughing Buddha with Dragon Tortoise on the Bed of Wealth represents joy, happiness, peace, and prosperity. Symbolizing good fortune, this home decor item brings stability in financial conditions.

10. Himalayan Pink Salt Brick T-light Glow Lamp
Accentuating the beauty of the boring interiors, this salt lamp shaped to brick is transformed into a lovely glow lamp that purifies the air, reduces headaches, migraines, and skin diseases.

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11. Rainbow Moonstone Natural Stone Bracelet
Associated with the Moon, Rainbow Moonstone is one of the outstanding healing crystals which works best for women. Related to the Crown Chakra, this lovely stone bracelet twined into a beautiful piece of jewelry for your loved ones.

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