Diwali Celebrations Away From Home

Diwali gift boxes

Diwali is definitely the time of celebrations and fun with our family but unfortunately, that’s not the reality for a lot of us. Due to various constraints, be it jobs, school/ education or even health, many of us might not have the opportunity to celebrate Diwali with our family, but let’s not bring ourselves down by focusing on so. There are many ways we can embrace this festival of lights ourselves and make it memorable and happy. Here are a few ways in which you can make the most of your situation and not feel that you missed out!

Start the Prep:

We all know that Diwali doesn’t just mean the days of the festival but actually Diwali indicates a whole re-vamp for most of us Indians. Thus, even if you are not at home, get the preparations started to lift your mood and set into the feel of Diwali!

First and foremost, clean your space! Yes, take time to deep-clean your abode and maybe even re-arrange things to give a fresh and new feel to your house. Next, it is time for shopping! Be in online or in-person, make a list, make a plan, and shop for it! From your Diwali outfit to the puja essentials or decorative diyas for diwali or to make you home light up like the festival, get the decorative home decoration lights! Start to tick off your checklist!

Round up your friends:

Even if you are in a city away from home, you still have your friends or even distant relatives there! Round up the people that make you happy and make plans to celebrate with them! If any of them have celebrations at their place, go join them to feel the warmth of a family celebrations! If all of you are away from your families, then get together and plan out ways to make this special for each of you! If you have distant family and they remind you of the love and joy being with your family brings, go visit them and celebrate with them! Find your people in your city, the family that you chose and bring them together for a celebration at your space if that’s something you can work out!

Try your hand at cooking:

One of the best ways we can teleport through time and space is through food. Food can give us an experience that feels nostalgic and reminds one of home, especially when they are special treats! So, call up your family and get those recipes of your favorite Diwali treats from home and try your hand at it! It might not be perfect but the smell and familiarity will definitely make Diwali even more real and special for you. If you can’t cook, then you can always order in, but trying your own hand at it definitely makes the experience even more emotional, but in the happiest way possible! Some snack we hope you make are murukkus, samosas, pedas and pakoras!

Light up your house:

With all the shopping done in your phase 1, Deck up your house as if you are home in your hometown! Go crazy with the diwali home decoration lights that you’ve purchased and physically embody the spirit of the festival! From fairy lights for aesthetics to marigold flower malas for the traditional touch, deck up with beauty! For bringing in good luck and making the entire décor authentic, do not forget to light up decorative diyas for diwali!

Get in touch with your Family:

Last, but not the least, it will be a sad Diwali if you don’t get to talk to and see your family on Diwali at all, so take advantage of the technology we have in our world now! Chose your go-to video calling site and connect with your family! Show them the lovely dishes you’ve cooked, surprise them with the décor you’ve managed to pull off and let them criticize your Diwali outfit, with absolute love!

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