Top 5 Candle Stands to Decorate Your Home this Season!

Candle Stand

Think of candle, and you assume they are night-time items. Well, they are one of the sought-after house decoration staples. Before electricity, it was the flickering light of candle that dazzled every household back then.

With passing time, the demand for decorative candle stand grew. Here we have scoured a list of 5 candle stands perfect for your home décor. Get these ideas to decorate your home this season!

Carved Pillar Glass Candle Stand

Candle Stand

This candle stand in set of three is the best addition to your interiors. Each piece has been handcrafted from black and white glass. The trapezium shape looks unique. The space given at the top makes it easier for the placement of the candle.

All in all, it’s a must-have for all your house decorating projects.

Handcrafted Brass Candle Stand with Engraved Design

Candle Stand Brass

Available in goblet shape, this candle stand is worth your time and money. Handcrafted from brass, this candle holder has an exquisite design carved onto it. What else would you expect? Be it home décor you want to complement or gifting purpose to fulfil, it’s what you should be adding to your bucket list!

Chalice Style Candle Stand

Chalice Candle Stand

Coming in an elegant chalice style, this candle stand, with its small look is sure to wow you guest. It’s been crafted from brass using basic techniques. It features a polished flair and modern design all set to elevate the look and feel of your ambiance.

Three Branches Brass Candle Stand

Branch Candle Stand

What could be better than adding some gothic flair to your house decoration! This brass candle stand with three branches is the best pick! With detachable branches, you can customize it easily. The display of three candle at the same time will create a sight to behold! It will bring out the beauty of your interiors!

Exquisite Black Glass Charm Candle Stand

Decorative Candle Stand

If exquisiteness is what you’ve been looking for in a candle stand, this is what you should get! Made of black crystal glass, this candle stand has a traditional style. With two branches capped with floral cups and tiny trinkets are perfect to hold two candles together. Set the mood or your bedroom with a flair or romanticism or pep up your dinner table, this candle holder is the best option for sure!

So, which candle holder are you going to buy? Get above ideas and make your home reflect the essence of your style!

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