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Best Rangoli Ideas for Diwali 2022

Whether it is the festive season or not, the vivid imagery of a beautiful rangoli can turn any ordinary day into an occasion. On Diwali, homes and offices are decorated with diyas and lights.

If you’re planning to brighten up your residential space with rangoli and cannot find ideas, we’ve done the homework for you. Here are some of the most popular yet simplified rangoli ideas you’ll fall in love with.

Lord Ganesha Rangoli :

This is one favorite rangoli that is unmissable on occasions like Diwali because we hail Lord Ganesha as the harbinger of abundance and good fortune. This rangoli is so simple and made in different styles that we never go wrong with it.

Floral Rangoli :

Spellbind all and sundry with the floral rangoli using rose petals, jasmine, marigolds and the flowers you may like to pick. Create a pattern with chalk first, then finalize the rangoli pattern with fragrant flowers.

Petals and Leaves Rangoli :

This is yet another popular rangoli design that never goes out of vogue. Try using colors like Fuschia and lavender in combination with yellow hues. It is pretty neat yet easy compared to other intricate and heavy-duty designs. Don’t forget to outline the rangoli with a lighter shade.

Necklace Rangoli : 

At first glance, it might appear a bit tricky to do. However, a gamut of vibrant and light hues will make it such an attractive sight to look at when a guest enters your house. This rangoli is so simplistic that it can be made with chalk and into a subtle masterpiece with a bit of investment of patience.

Swastika Rangoli :

Whether you are an amateur rangoli creator or running short of time to make a massive rangoli, a Swastika rangoli comes in handy. The religious connotations attached to this symbol make for an auspicious rangoli that might bring the blessings of the Almighty.

Peacock and Peahen Rangoli :

Peacock is believed to be the most fortunate yet stunning rangoli, with so many options to emphasize. Be it the peacock feathers or the peacock torso; it can enliven up monotonous spaces with its bright and alluring designs and choice of colors.

The Ace of Spades Rangoli :

If you’re wondering what’s so special about this design, it is super easy yet gives ample scope to exercise your creativity. Underlining the spade symbol, you can make beautiful stars and moon while placing oil lamps alongside. Try to outline the rangoli design with a contrasting color. And your floor is ready to grab eyeballs from every corner.

The illuminating Diya Rangoli : 

Now, this rangoli is mentioned due to the versatility of the style and patterns in which it can be repurposed. This rangoli leaves you amazed due to its unique and adorable design. One can write the greetings of the festival alongside and use a wide variety of hues to spice up the rangoli.

Usher in prosperity and goodwill with Diwali celebrations. Flaunt your creativity and artistic skills by trying your hands at these classic yet lovely rangoli designs. Brace yourselves as you are geared up to impress the guests visiting your abode this Diwali. Let us know your favorite rangoli designs and how all these ideas turned out for you. We’re eager to hear your rangoli stories.


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