It’s always a nerve-wracking task to find the right and the best gift for your near and dear one, colleague, or even relatives. But, not to fear; we have brought you the Best Christmas Gifts Under $50 For Secret Santa that will break all your shopping limits and make you buy one for yourself from the collection of Flower Hanging Urli, candle holder, and much more!! Have a quick look. 

  • Sun & Moon Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket               
  • This Christmas festival, just not exchange wishes with your best friend, relatives, or colleague but gift them a token of good health with this Sun & Moon Himalayan Salt Lamp Basket. Made in wood, carved precisely to an eye-catching design, and filled up with the Pink Himalayan Salt, this item is an outstanding solution to all your health problems.

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  • Aesthetic Glass Stand with 3 T-Light Holders            
  • Not finding a rustic T-light holder to gift your friend? All set to arrest your heart, this piece of 3 T-light holders with a stand made in glass are available in copper and rich red tones. The intricate and delicate floral patterns on this aesthetically pleasing item add great excitement to the celebration. When lit with a candle, the soft glow captures the essence of the moment. 

  • Beautiful Little Monk with Closed Ears
  • Known for good luck, happiness, joy, contentment, and abundance, the laughing Buddha in Feng Shui occupies a great significance. And this cute little chubby Monk with closed ears gives us the lesson of not to hear anything bad. So, why not go for this gift that spreads smiles, laughter, and positivity this Christmas festival?? 

  • Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Box             
  • This pretty box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates is truly a box of sheer joy and happiness that you can share with your friends, relatives, and colleagues. Featuring very decent and sophisticated packaging, this box with chocolates is something that you can gift along with a gorgeous T-light holder, thereby serving as an ideal Secret Santa gift under $50. 

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  • Green Jade Roller & Gua Sha Facial Combo
  • Have a super special colleague-friend in your office who seems like a sister to you? Here is a special item that you can gift her this Christmas eve and witness the amazingly cute smile on her face. Featuring a roller and Gua Sha Facial tool made in Green Jade, this combo helps to cool and soothe the skin, increases blood circulation, lifts up the loose skin, and offers many more benefits. 

  • Himalayan Pink Bathing Salt Jar                      
  • Here is an amazing opportunity for you to dissolve the bitterness and hard feelings towards your colleague or friend at the office with this pink bathing salt that helps to cleanse one’s mind and body. So, this pack of Himalayan Pink Bathing Salt Jar available in many soothing fragrances is a wonderful gifting item.

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  • Bandhani Bowl Scented Candle              
  • Featuring a lovely and intricate Bandhani design, this candle holder made in ceramic brings you hand-poured wax that serves the cutest Secret Santa gift item. Available in Blueberry Vanilla, Fresh Pine, Sweet Peach & Cream, Coconut Lime Verbena, this scented candle is a great medium to enhance good relations between you and your colleague or friend. 

  • Kaju Katli Mithai Gift Box
  • Filled with the richness of high-quality ingredients, Kaju Katli is one of the most loved delicacies all over the world which will leave your taste buds surprised. Consisting of 15 mithai pods, this Kaju Katli Mithai Gift Box is a perfect  Secret Santa item for your best friend. Symbolizing richness & love, this sweet is worth gifting.

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  • Marble Buddha Head
  • Serene and calm in every sense, this Buddha head delicately crafted in a piece of marble is not just a stunning piece of home decor but also a carrier of positivity, peace, and a balanced state of mind. Adding a divine touch to the space, this Buddha’s head in a meditative position is adorned with light strokes depicting the floral design. 

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