Benefits of Placing Urli at Home According to Vastu

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People have entrusted the science of Vastu Shastra with eliminating all types of negative energy and bringing harmony into their homes since ancient times. Vastu Shastra plays a significant part in helping people bring peace and prosperity to their homes, which is a considerable concern for people.

According to Vastu, specific items can help keep bad energies at bay and maintain the serenity and happiness of the home. The traditional bowl, known as an Urli, typically put at a home's entrance after being filled with water, is one such powerful Vastu item for maintaining home harmony.

About Urli

Urli from Mypoojabox

Urli is a simple, shallow, bowl-shaped container with a wide opening. This traditional bowl can be found all over South India, but it is most common in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Urli is available in different materials, but Brass Urli is the most popular.

Since earlier civilizations, South Indians have used urlis to create food and Ayurvedic medicines. As Vastu shastra began to gain popularity in home decor, interior designers subsequently learned that, when applied appropriately, Urli acts as a magnet for drawing peace and harmony into a home.

Significance of Placing an Urli at Home

Water typically symbolizes prosperity, abundance, and positivity, as per Vastu. Therefore, it is often advised to keep the Urli at your home's entrance filled with water and decorated with flowers or lemons. Urlis have been artistically and meticulously embellished with a variety of engravings and motifs, including carved deity idols.

It is essential to keep urli in the right place to reap its maximum benefits. The best location to keep urli is where you can clearly see it, such as the entrance to your pooja room, at the center of your living room, or it can be placed on your office desk.

Benefits of Placing Urli at Home according to Vastu

The word "Uruli" is derived from the Tamil word "Urulai," which refers to a circular bowl. Placing the Uruli in a particular direction is considered auspicious as it radiates heavenly energies and advantages depending on where it is placed.

For instance, the Urlis should typically be placed on the right side of the house, in the center of the living room, southeast corner, or in the northeast corner. The north or northeast corner should be used for urli plants with green and blue flowers, while urlis decorated with yellow flowers should be placed in the southwest corner.

Let us see some of the major benefits of placing urli at home.

  • Since water is a bad conductor of heat and negative energies, a brass urli filled with some fresh flowers promotes the well-being of your home and family members.
  • Placing Urli in the center of a drawing room or hallway is said to bring mental peace, calmness and harmony
  • If you wish to get rid of Vastu Dosha, then placing the Urli in the North-East direction of your house will easily fix the problems
  • When placed in Ishan corner (northeast corner) of your house, an Urli decorated with flowers ensures prosperity in life
  • A water-filled urli decorated with yellow or white flowers is said to appease the Gods when placed in the pooja room or at the entrance
  • Urlis are largely used in preparing Ayurvedic medicines, so adding some cubes of camphor in the Urli and keeping it in the living room drives insects and improve your health 

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Stunning Brass Urli with Stand

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