A Guide for cleansing with sage sticks

A Guide for cleansing with sage sticks

Sage sticks or better known as burning sage is used for spiritual rituals which primarily includes cleansing and purifying amongst others. Apart from cleansing, smudging is a common practice by healers and tarot readers. If you didn’t know, it is also a well-known practice for some Native American cultural or tribal folks.

Next time, you wish to thank someone for its benefits that we will eventually discuss, extend your gratitude to Native Americans which is inclusive of Chumash, Lakota, Cahullia amid others. While most cultures across the world share similar rituals.

What is ‘burning sage’ ?

If you’re completely new to the sage concept, you’ve made a beautiful decision that is about to make life better for you, unexpectedly. Here’s a guide for cleansing with burning sage charted out below.

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For many centuries, Native Americans and many cultures across the world claim that a person’s energy is just like a fragrance-when your aura collides with another’s, their energy lingers for a while.

To wipe out anyone’s negative vibes, shamans believed in burning sage over fire that boosted healing, longevity, protection and wisdom. This process is called ‘smudging’.

Why opt for ‘sage’ ?

Sage comes from the Salvia plant family which originated from the Latin word Salvere that translates to “to heal”. Sage practitioners love it due to the cleansing, purifying and clearing properties. It is believed to create an immediate energy shift into lighter, calmer and clearer vibes. Talking about a scientific point of view, research has shown that burning sage has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which can enhance cognition, mood, getting rid of ions and insomnia while also serving as an insect repellant. In one of the studies, it was found that burning sage traps up to 94 percent of airborne bacteria.

One of the spiritual benefits of sage burning is to release heaviness in the air or tension if you are feeling lethargic, demotivated, stressed or irritable or are not feeling your usual self.

When should you smudge?

Before you click and buy sage, ask yourself the reason or intention for smudging. Its important to have an intention prior to burning sage. For instance, “you wish to release heavy energies from this space”. After setting the intention, you will observe calmness and lighter energy. It can be used for cleansing your home or office space.

How is ‘smudging’ done?

If this is the first time you are smudging, please ensure to keep all flammable objects at bay. Switch off fans, close some doors and windows to reduce wind and draft. Please bear in mind that you will be using fire, so try to make use of common sense and respect.

After you are done with this procedure, please remember the below contents before you get started:
  • A sage stick
  • A fire safe bowl such as ceramic, clay or glass or seashell.
  • A source of fire such as a long matchbox or candle
  • Fan or feather for fanning smoke when smudging (this is optional)


  1. Light up sage at the very tips of the stick and one ignited, carefully and quickly blow out the flames to let the leaves smolder.
  2. Use smooth and fine movements, let the smoke pass through the air around your home or workspace, objects and body.
  3. Once the sage bundle is burning, hold for a fraction of minutes to avoid dropping ashes on self or nature or home.
  4. Make sure you are not leaving the sage stick unattended, if you wish to use it, stay with it or otherwise, extinguish it.
  5. Store safely on a flameproof dish in a closed space, away from wind.
Tarot-readers and healers use burning sage to cleanse, purify and protect the energy of their tarot cards, crystals and their entire home. It helps them release the negative energies and usher in positive vibrations. We hope you enjoyed reading the information and would be all ears to hear your sage stories.
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