7 Ways to Celebrate Holi in an Eco-Friendly Way

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All of us are eagerly waiting for March to arrive the soonest. Why?? This lovely month marking the end of the winter season welcomes the spring season along with the vibrancy of colors, happiness, and joy in everyone’s lives. 

But when celebrating this auspicious festival, let us keep in mind not to hamper or exploit our beloved Mother Nature and boost the good health of every human being on the earth. So, this year let us create awareness among each one of our loved, near, and dear ones by adopting these 7 Ways to Celebrate Holi in an Eco-Friendly Way. 

1. Play floral Holi

Many artificial colors not only damage nature but also our health and our sensitive skin to a greater extent. So, it is always a good idea to make use of the vibrant colored flowers, Holi Herbal Marigold Gulaal, Holi Herbal Lily Of Valley Gulaal, Holi Herbal Green Gulal, or the instead of water or harmful colors and welcome the spring season in the most beautiful manner. The flowers possess a beautiful fragrance that makes you feel fresh, cheerful and commemorates the spirit of celebration.

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2. Enjoy the traditional bonfire

Indian festivals are all about treasuring our culture and tradition, and Holi is one of those festivals where you can avoid cutting trees for Holika Dahan and go for cow-dung, cardboard boxes, coconut waste, camphor, dry grass, and such other items. 

3. Go for dry herbal colors

Many parts of India have been facing water shortage which is a matter of concern in today’s world. So, it is a great idea to use Herbal Holi Petite Box and go green this Holi festival by adopting herbal colors, Holi Herbal Marigold Gulaal, organic Holi colors, etc.

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4. Keep plastic away

Plastic is a non-recyclable product that is highly toxic for human health and the environment as well. This festive season, ditch the usage of plastic and items made of plastic like the Pichkaris and go for the items that are made in metal and can be used for a longer period. A step towards bringing a positive change. 

5. Celebrate Tilak Holi and enjoy the delicacies

Many people do not like to be fully coated in colors during the Holi festival and prefer only a small pinch or Tilak on their forehead or cheeks. By paying due respect to each other’s feelings, you can celebrate this Holi just by applying a simple Tilak of organic Holi colors, be it wet or a dry one. This is the most delightful and adorable way to wish Happy Holi and avoid the wastage of herbal colors

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6. Welcome community Holi celebration

Every Indian festival is full of life, joy, and excitement in the air, and when it comes to celebrating the colorful Holi festival, the people of all ages gather together and promote communal harmony. This will not only preserve our rich culture but also adds fun to the celebrations, makes after-cleaning activity enjoyable and reduces the wastage of water and money. 

7. Get the litter into dustbins

Once the celebration is done, all you can see in your surroundings is the litter of flowers, paper bags, boxes, or other items. So, before you jump into playing Holi, plan things accordingly. Firstly, create a separate area or place multiple dustbins to dispose of the waste. If you are using flowers in the celebration, create a special place in your garden to decompose the same, to avoid pollution and damage of the resources in Nature. 

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