5 Ideas to Celebrate the Long Distance Rakhi

5 Ideas to Celebrate the Long Distance Rakhi

Every region in the nation celebrates Raksha Bandhan. Many individuals commemorate this day even abroad. Raksha Bandhan is primarily observed to honor the relationship between brothers and sisters. Everyone is busy with their schedule since life has gotten so crazy. So, to celebrate their relationship, love, and happiness, every brother and sister strives to get together on this specific date. But occasionally, it becomes pretty hard to meet each other due to urgent issues or other glitches.

You will love the idea if you are also far from your brother or sister and willing to eliminate the distance. This Raksha Bandhan, you can quickly eliminate the distance and make your brother or sister feel closer to you by sending Rakhi and some unique Rakhi gifts with our (My Pooja Box) help. Additionally, there are several other ideas that you can adopt to make this day more special for your siblings.

Ideas to Make Raksha Bandhan 2022 Special for Your Siblings

Send Rakhi to your Brother

If your brother is living far away from you and this time he cannot meet you or come to your place, and you cannot visit him, you can also celebrate this day with the same happiness. You can easily send Rakhi online to your brother via post. Since you are not there on that particular day, your Rakhi will still be on his arm. This will make him feel closer to you and will eliminate the distance a little bit. At My Pooja, you get a plethora of Rakhis matching the personality of your brother.

Some of these Rakhis are - 

1. Gold & Silver Rakhis - Nothing will add a more special feeling to the occasion of Rakhi than receiving a gold Rakhi. Gold symbolizes love, compassion, wisdom, and courage. At the same time, silver assures you to bring a precious smile to your brother's face. He will flaunt it for months as it works as a perfect accessory for today's fashion-minded bros.

Silver rakhi

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2. Evil Eye Rakhis - Driving off negative energies created by hatred, jealousy, and envy from friends, neighbors, relatives, or any other person in your life, this Rakhi is something you should not miss.

 evil eyw rakhi

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3. Crystal Rakhis - Exclusively beaded with energized crystals, this Rakhi will serve so many benefits to your brother. The crystal is specifically added to magnify the love and strengthen the strings between you and your brother.

4. Quirky Rakhis - Try out something new and unique for your cute little younger brother this fantastic festive Raksha Bandhan season, like Netflix Rakhi, Tom and Jerry Quirky Rakhi, ATM Rakhi, or Airplane Rakhi that looks extremely pleasing and charming with its colorful soft threads and dial.

Send Some Gifts:

Rakhi is a day when only brothers are required to offer their sisters gifts; sisters may also send unique presents to their brothers. If you're a brother looking to send your sister a special Rakhi gift online, you have a wide selection. You can purchase beautiful clothing, scented candles, facial rollers, or healing crystal jewelry as a Rakhi gift for your sister. You can even send her money. If you want to send your brother Rakhi a gift online, you have various choices, including gifting him an evil eye protection bracelet, a salt lamp, or a crystal tree from our collection that he adores.

salt lamp

Create a video

The most pleasing thing you can do on Rakhi Day to make it memorable and to overcome the distance is to shoot a video and mail it. You can freely express yourself through spelling in that video. We sometimes find it challenging or complex to express our sentiments or thoughts to those we care about. Even if it is true that siblings do not keep secrets from one another, circumstances do arise. By apologizing in your video and thanking them for always being there, you can swiftly resolve any conflicts that may arise between them. One of the best ways to reduce your distance will be to do this.

Use video calling

Make a video call to your brother or sister if you can't be there in person to celebrate this wonderful day with them. Share your heart with your siblings during a video call. They'll grin sweetly, and you'll feel closer to them as a result.

Online gift ordering

This is another wonderful choice you have for removing the space between you. Book their preferred options online and manage online Rakhi delivery. They will feel special and receive their order the same day.

We understand the value of a sister to a brother and a brother to a sister. Both are crucial to one another and not only necessary, but they also act as lifelines for one another. That is another important factor in why people celebrate this day joyfully and happily.

The Bottom Line!

When your hearts are one, distance is irrelevant. It is crucial to have a love for, faith in, and a willingness to do something unique for each other to remove the space. One of the ideal times to make your siblings feel special is around Rakhi.

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