Positive Vibes Crystal Energy Candle - Made With Aquamarine

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The benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy are many. Breathing in the essential oil fragrances helps to detoxify the body. This positive vibes crystal energy candle is made of aquamarine crystals. The tiny candle jar consists of wax infused with essential oils and aquamarine crystals. Aquamarine as the name suggests are crystals that will make you feel serene and calm rapidly. Placing these candles in the mediation rooms or near the bed will significantly help reduce mental stress and anxiety. Once ignited this petite candle releases its fragrance in the air and aquamarine helps to calm down the mind.

Now if you love candles and aromatherapy then why settle for tiny versions when you can go for larger ones? Presenting to you a positive vibes crystal energy candle made with aquamarine in size large. This aesthetically pleasing candle jar is crafted from glass and has an adorable rope tied around its neck. The benefits of this aquamarine crystal candle are many. First of all, it will help calm your mind thus reducing stress. Secondly, the infused essential oils will help in detoxifying the body. Aquamarine crystals help to maintain an equilibrium between the physical, mental, and emotional states of the body. This allows you to perform better and hence feel elated.


Who says you can’t decorate your room with self-healing stuff? Check out these alluring positive vibes of crystal energy candles which come in pairs. These candles are brewed with essential oils and topped with aquamarine crystals. Now why aquamarine you must be thinking. Well, let me tell you these tiny serene crystals help to achieve your goals of maintaining a calm mind super fast. These crystals are known to maintain balance. Therefore, they will help you to create coordination between your physical, mental, and emotional state of mind. These crystals are totally worth buying.

What’s better than one? Two of course! So, we heard you and made you a set of two positive vibes crystal energy candles. Both the candles come in size large and consist of lots of aquamarine crystals to calm you down. Igniting these candles will lift your spirits and help calm down the adrenaline rush in situations of fear and anxiety. Place one candle at your meditation spot so as to enhance the meditation process by several thresholds. Another one can be placed at spots where you work so that you can maintain a clean aura in the surroundings.

Material : Glass & Wax


Crystals - Aquamarine

Dimension : -
Small (DxH) :- 4x5 cms
Large(DxH) :- 8.5x7.5 cms

Approximate weight :-
Small :- 95gm
Large :- 475gm
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Country of Origin: India
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