Kumkum (Sindoor)


Kumkum or Sindoor is a holy red powder that is applied on the forehead. There’s a special reason why Kumkum is only applied on the forehead that dates back to the ancient time. According to Hindu mythology, our body is divided into 7 energy circles known as chakras. It is mostly applied between the eyebrows, the place which is believed to be the spiritual eye. Kumkum is always used while worshipping. It comes in various qualities, and the one that we have here is of supreme quality.

Approximate weight :

  Small   :  10 gm

  Medium  :  20 gm

   Large   :  30 gm

Material : Plastic bottle\  Sindoor

Packed & Manufactured by: Mobikasa Ventures LLP
Address: My Pooja Box, Jagat Complex, 100 Feet Road, Ghitorni, New Delhi -110030
Country of Origin: India
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