Citrine & Rose Quartz Natural Crystal Healing Bracelet


Made from 100% authentic and high-grade healing stones, this free-size bracelet is extremely comfortable to wear. The Citrine stone, which is associated with the ‘Sacral Chakra’ invites happiness, creativity, prosperity, and abundance in your life. On the other hand, the blush pink Rose Quartz which is related to the ‘Heart Chakra’, attracts love, promotes self-love, self-esteem, and kindles happiness. Moreover, to carry the power of Sun, both the healing crystals, i.e., the Citrine and Rose Quartz are delicately and carefully crafted into a charming bracelet by skilled artisans so as to benefit the wearer with their incredible powers. Adorning the beauty of your wrists, this bracelet can also be gifted to your loved ones and friends on their birthdays and special occasions. 

Name: Citrine
Also known as: Stone of Wealth
Befitting: Wealth, Protection, willpower
Minerals: Silicon Dioxide
Chakra: All Chakras


  • Great stone to work on solar plexus chakra & all types of digestive problems
  • Strengthen the will power & drive in life
  • Helps clean blocked old emotions & heals anxiety
  • Helps overcome depression
  • Attractor of wealth & money
  • Attracts luck for business

Name: Rose Quartz
Also known as: The Love Stone
Befitting: Unconditional Love, Relationships, and calmness
Minerals: Silicon Dioxide with Iron
Chakra: Heart Chakra


  • The most used stone for love and relationships
  • Opens up heart to unconditional love
  • Encourages forgiveness
  • Heals pain due to breakups, hate, jealousy, and resentment
  • Build self-esteem and self-love
  • Calms & Soothes the emotions

Material: Rose Quartz & Citrine Stone 
Dimension : Free Size
Weight: 20gms

SKU: MPB4645
Packed & Manufactured by: Mobikasa Ventures LLP
Address: My Pooja Box, Jagat Complex, 100 Feet Road, Ghitorni, New Delhi -110030
Country of Origin: India
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