Elegant Agate Napkin Rings

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Napkin rings are one of the necessities on the dining table. Not only they look enticing but are also useful. These rings allow holding the plate napkins in place. They can be also used to make vivid patterns of the cloth to look more inviting. To make them even more irresistible we have these pleasant agate napkin rings. Pink is the color of friendship and affection. Pink is also the universal color of love. Show love to your guests and relatives with these pretty pink napkin holders. Bring up the joy to your table with these pink-colored agate napkin holders.

Napkin rings represent most of your dining aesthetics. So why not make them look even more appealing? Here we have elegant agate napkin rings in navy blue color. Agate is one of the most beautiful rocks with intriguing designs and patterns. These agate napkin rings are simple yet classic and uplift the look of plain and boring napkins. Navy blue is an elegant and powerful color. You can use these navy blue napkin rings for formal dinners to show your classic welcome or you can even gift these tiny napkin rings as a unique gift.

A white napkin ring to showcase your clean and fresh attitude is one of the best ways to impress your guests. Napkin rings with a touch of white agate will be extremely rejuvenating and refreshing to look at. These petite rings can also represent new starts or beginnings of good things over a dinner party. As the name of the product suggests these napkin rings are pure elegance and a great way to lift the spirits at your dining table.

Experience serenity and coolness right amidst hot plates of dinner with these beautifully crafted agate blue napkin rings. The blue color is deeply associated with positivity, harmony, calmness, and peace. These agate crystals are perfectly molded into tiny napkin rings that showcase the blue color divinely. It’s almost as if you are looking into the beauties of the ocean, skies, and the universe all at the same time.

Agate is an ornamental and aesthetically magnificent stone. A napkin ring carved from this exquisite stone looks equally breathtaking. These elegant agate napkin rings are made from blue agave stone and have fine detailings within them. Blue color signifies depth and serenity. Blue represents the ocean and the sky. Place these adorable napkin rings on your plates and feel the serenity in the room. These elegant napkin rings will surely be a generous and meaningful gift for your loved ones as they will always remember you while seeing these beauties.

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Dimension:Pink:L*B*H- 8cm*6cm*6cm

Navy blue:L*B*H- 7cm*5cm*5cm

White:L*B*H- 7cm*7cm*5cm

Approx. weight: Pink-53gms

                           Navy blue-55gms

                           White- 50gms

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