7 Chakra Energy Generator

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Not only is this piece stunning to look at it also has the ability to help create a life of harmony, health & spiritual awakening. Each one of the 7 energy pointers represents of one of the 7 chakras of the human body. These crystals help channel energy into our chakras to further enhance the functioning of ones mind, body & soul.

Here is a list of the 7 different crystals that come with this product-

  • Red Jasper - Encourages spiritual development at a gentle rate. Can also help alleviate stress.
  • Orange Jade - Brings joy and teaches us harmony of all beings. It is energetic and quietly stimulating.
  • Yellow Jade - The lucky crystal, said to bring joy & happiness.
  • Green Agate - A grounding stone with a powerful multilevel cleansing effect, agate stabilizes energy.
  • Blue Aventurine - Healing stone that ss said to be a good choice for migraines and for soothing the eyes..
  • Lapis Lazuli - Is a blue healing crystal that promotes psychic ability. 
  • Amethyst - It is known as one of the master healers.
Where to place the 7 Chakra Energy Generator?
Place your energy generator in the centre, surrounded by a circle of other crystals. If you wish to use the grid for healing, perhaps to remove obstacles and blockages within your aura, place the generator with the point facing down. A smoky quartz crystal used alongside the generator will help to earth and neutralize the negative energy that is released, instead of leaving it around your space. 

If your aim is to bring in knowledge from the universe, place the generator with the point facing up. The energy will enter through the top and be dispersed through the wands, bringing universal light and knowledge. Energy grids have many uses, including healing and granting wishes.


Weight- 55 gms

Material- Healing Stone / Gemstone

Diameter : 9.5 cms


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