Shri Hanuman Ji Ki Aarti

Aarti Kije Hanuman Lala Ki।
Dusht Dalan Ragunath Kala Ki॥

Jake Bal Se Girivar Kaanpe।
Rog Dosh Ja Ke Nikat Na Jhaanke॥

Anjani Putra Maha Baldaaee।
Santan Ke Prabhu Sada Sahai॥

De Beera Raghunath Pathaaye।
Lanka Jaari Siya Sudhi Laaye॥

Lanka So Kot Samundra-Si Khai।
Jaat Pavan Sut Baar Na Lai॥

Lanka Jaari Asur Sanhare।
Siyaramji Ke Kaaj Sanvare॥

Lakshman Moorchhit Pade Sakaare।
Aani Sajeevan Pran Ubaare॥

Paithi Pataal Tori Jam-kaare।
Ahiravan Ke Bhuja Ukhaare॥

Baayen Bhuja Asur Dal Mare।
Daahine Bhuja Santjan Tare॥

Sur Nar Muni Aarti Utare।
Jai Jai Jai Hanuman Uchaare॥

Kanchan Thaar Kapoor Lau Chhaai।
Aarti Karat Anjana Maai॥

Jo Hanumanji Ki Aarti Gaave।
Basi Baikunth Param Pad Pave॥

श्री हनुमानजी आरती

आरती कीजै हनुमान लला की।
दुष्ट दलन रघुनाथ कला की॥

जाके बल से गिरिवर कांपे।
रोग दोष जाके निकट न झांके॥

अंजनि पुत्र महा बलदाई।
सन्तन के प्रभु सदा सहाई॥

दे बीरा रघुनाथ पठाए।
लंका जारि सिया सुधि लाए॥

लंका सो कोट समुद्र-सी खाई।
जात पवनसुत बार न लाई॥

लंका जारि असुर संहारे।
सियारामजी के काज सवारे॥

लक्ष्मण मूर्छित पड़े सकारे।
आनि संजीवन प्राण उबारे॥

पैठि पाताल तोरि जम-कारे।
अहिरावण की भुजा उखारे॥

बाएं भुजा असुरदल मारे।
दाहिने भुजा संतजन तारे॥

सुर नर मुनि आरती उतारें।
जय जय जय हनुमान उचारें॥

कंचन थार कपूर लौ छाई।
आरती करत अंजना माई॥

जो हनुमानजी की आरती गावे।
बसि बैकुण्ठ परम पद पावे॥
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    Namaste. I received the parcel containing the statue of Lord Hanuman an hour ago. The statue is very good in its details and has an uplifting feel to it. You have packed it very, very securely to prevent any damage during transit. Thank you for such meticulous attention and supportive customer care.

    Dinoop Group 13
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    Received a thoughtfully curated My Pooja Box on Mother's Day with a card and note! My Pooja Box is a perfect gift that is relevant on all festive occasions. Loved it! Thank you very much for it! :)

    Sonal Group 13
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    I'm so grateful to MyPoojaBox who has given a new meaning to my worship and acted as a mediator between God and I by providing all the pooja accessories under one roof. The quality is awesome and prices are reasonable. I strongly recommend to all 👍💞

    Pooja Group 13
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    Thank You My Pooja Box for arranging return gifts for my housewarming in a short time for bulk quantity. The product quality & delivery service was on time. I had many relative and friends asking for one extra gift.

    Khushbu Group 13
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    I belong to a spiritual family where havans etc are a regular feature. Earlier collecting Pooja samagri was a task My Pooja Box has made everything available under one roof. Recently I bought a Shivji sculpture on Mahashivratri from them. It's divine! Aarti lamps are also excellent. I recommend it to all 👍

    Anu Group 13
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    I just received my parcel and am absolutely thrilled with the rakhis . They are just gorgeous and the packing is adorable. I’m extremely happy with the product . A thumbs up from me.

    Pinky Group 13
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    Thank you My Pooja Box for delivering the beautiful rakhi box to my brother in time. He loved the rakhis & the box they came in. Extremely delighted with the timely service!

    Sana Group 13
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    At the outset, let me express my heartfelt gratitude for your store. I have felt, for the longest time, a void for the just the kind of puja i wanted for my home. After searching through a sea of options in the unorganized and haphazard marketplace, coming to your store (website) was a most pleasant experience.

    Radhika Group 13