The Maha Navratri- 9 days of Festivity, fasting and Frolic

Navratri is celebrated across the world with unmatched enthusiasm, devotion and piety. According to Hinduism, Navratri is held as a sacred festival. Navratri commemorates the nine forms of Goddess Durga incarnated to conquer the battle with the powerful demon Mahishasura. Every year, the 9 forms of Goddess Durga are prayed to honour her triumph over Mahishasura and the eventual triumph of good over evil.

Religious Significance of Navaratri

Navratri word originates from two Sanskrit words-‘nava’ which means nine and ‘Ratri’ implying night. Here is the breakdown for dummies who are oblivious to our Goddess Durga. On the first day, Goddess Shailputri is worshipped. On the second day, people pray to Goddess Brahmacharini while on the third day, Goddess Chandraghanta is worshipped. On the fourth day, devotees pay homage to Goddess Skandmata while Goddess Katyayani is prayed to by Indians on the sixth day. On the seventh day, individuals worship Goddess Kaalratri while on the eighth day Goddess Mahgauri is prayed to. On the final day, Goddess Siddhidatri is worshipped by devotees. The Navratri festival also witnesses some devotees observing fast during Navaratri. On the last day, they perform a religious ceremony and complete their fast.

Did you know?

Did you also know that every incarnation of Maa Durga is related to a particular colour which holds a special meaning? If you wear these colours on those specific days, it is said to be auspicious. Let’s dive into the wealth of information associated with the nine colours' significance for Navaratri.

Nine Colours for Nine Incarnations of Goddess Durga

Yellow :

The first day of the festival is related to the Yellow colour which is believed to usher in harmony, brightness and joy in our lives.

Green : 

The second day is associated with the colour green which represents prosperity, happiness, and vibrancy. The second incarnation of Goddess Durga is said to rule Lord Mangal which provides good fortunes.

Red : 

The third day is related to the colour grey because the Goddess Chandraghanta wears the half-moon over her forehead and her chosen shade is grey. This hue is often misunderstood as having negative connotations but little did you know that it rather implies zest for life and the conviction to conquer evil.

Orange :

The fourth day is associated with Goddess Kushmanda who created this earth with her precious smile. She is also addressed as a ‘smiling Goddess’ which explains the reason she is related to the vivid colour orange. It implies positive energy, alacrity and effervescence.


The fifth day is considered to be the day of the colour white which is associated with peace, purity, innocence and meditation.


The sixth day is dedicated to the most powerful incarnation of Goddess Durga known as Goddess Katyayani who is known as ‘Bhadrakali’ or the warrior-goddess. She is associated with the red colour which denotes the fearlessness as well as the anger of the Goddess toward the enemies.

Royal Blue: 

The seventh day is dedicated to the conqueror of all demons, having a fearless demeanour and a dusky complexion. The Royal Blue colour is related to immeasurable power as well.


The eighth day is associated to the Goddess Mahagauri who is known to fulfil the wishes of her devotees. Anyone who prays to this incarnation is relieved from the turbulences of life. This day is dedicated to pink colour which symbolises, social evolution, hope, love and self-care.


The final day is associated with the supernatural power and awarded qualities of the Goddess Siddhidatri. This day is represented by the colour purple which is synonymous with power, ambition and royalty.

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