Wondering about what is the need for charging the crystals, and how to exactly charge crystals? Well, then, before jumping to its process, significance, and its benefits, let us first learn ‘What actually is crystal charging?’ As well all are very well aware of the level of energy they carry with them and their impact on our lives, these crystals need charging often.

It’s not just that the electronic devices that we make use of in our day-to-day lives need regular charging, but the healing crystals that we carry or wear in the form of jewelry also are to be charged.

What is the importance of charging the crystals?

To restore the natural state of the crystals, charging is much more necessary. Said to be the second step after cleansing, charging of the crystals induces the positive energy or charge to channel your Chakras. Charging the crystals not only helps you get rid of the negative energies but also experiences its amazing benefits. So to keep your crystals energized and fully charged, here are some of the most common but important methods or ways how to charge your crystals?

1. Soak them in water or hold them under running water
Charging the crystals with water is the most effective and common way. You can either completely submerge the crystal in the water, hold it under the running water, or in a bowl of water that is powered by the moonlight. Rinse the crystals for about a minute which helps to naturally re-purify and remove the toxic energy.

2. Expose them in the sunlight or full moonlight
To energize and recharge your crystals, another method you can follow is to place them in a perfect spot in your home or office that receives direct sunlight or moonlight. The penetrating light will fill the crystal with positive energies and purify them, and make it all set to use for healing purposes. You may either need to leave the crystal in the light for 24 hours or even a couple of days and nights.

3. Place the crystals with plants around or bury them in the soil
As said, stones are properties that are derived from the ground, so burying them in the ground itself or amidst plants is a greater way to charge the crystals. Fill a pot with some soil, dig a hole, place the crystal and cover the hole with some more soil so as to infuse it with the energy of the Earth.


4. Charge the crystals through prayers
We all know that our prayers have a great amount of strength which helps us to connect to the Divine Lord. So, all you need to do is to set your intentions, close your eyes, chant the mantra, pray to your guiding force, and keep your mind completely focused to direct your thoughts towards the crystal.

5. Immerse the crystal in salt
Salt is the most common ingredient that can be easily found in every kitchen and is an amazing product to purify crystals. Get a bowl full of salt, bury the crystal in the same, cover it with more salt and let it remain for about an hour. Moreover, you can also dissolve the salt in lukewarm water and place the healing crystals for a few minutes, rinse it, pat dry and use it.

6. Burn incense sticks or herbs
The incense sticks or herbs are also used to cleanse and charge the crystals. This activity takes about 3-4 minutes but offers you amazing results. Just burn the incense, Santo Palo, Sage or Cedar, hold the crystal above and let it bathe in the smoke for a few minutes to remove any negative energy present.

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