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Gemstone Healing Mini Crystal Tree

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Name: Lapis Lazuli
Also known as Stone of Knowledge & Wisdom
Befitting: Communication, Self Confidence, Creativity
Minerals: Sodium Calcium Aluminium Silicate
Chakra: Throat


  • Balances Thyroid and heals throat problems
  • Wearing this stone encourages inner self-knowledge
  • Enhances creativity
  • Boosts self-confidence
  • Helpful in relieving stress and anxiety

Name: Clear Quartz
Also known as The Universal Crystal
Befitting: Energy, Amplification, Cleanser
Minerals: Silicon Dioxide
Chakra: All Chakras


  • Can be used in all types of healing
  • Used for protection, energy and strengthens aura
  • Meditating with this stone helps in spiritual guidance
  • Used in grids to channel continuous energy
  • Can be placed in a home for protection and positive energy
  • Strengthens immune system

Name: Amethyst
Also known as The Master Healer
Befitting: Protection, Concentration, Spirituality
Minerals: Silicon Dioxide
Chakra: Crown, Brow


  • Protector from negative energies
  • Useful in insomnia and nightmares
  • Meditating with Amethyst reduces anger, anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Useful for de-addiction
  • Keep it during meditation to activate the Third Eye
  • Improves concentration and is helpful in studies
  • Strengthens metabolism and immune system
  • Beneficial in Legal Matters

Name: Red Jasper
Also known as The Grounder
Befitting: Energy, Protection
Minerals: Silicon Dioxide with Iron Oxide
Chakra: Root


  • Stone of grounding
  • Gives stability
  • Good for problems related to bones and blood
  • Good for male reproductive organs
  • Boost stamina and sexual power
  • Attracts prosperity and abundance

Name: Black Obsidian
Also known as Problem Solver
Befitting: Protection, Grounding, Cleansing
Minerals: Silicates
Chakra: Root


  • It has the potential to abruptly bring blocked emotions to the forefront
  • Good for bones and soothing pains
  • Creates a protection shield
  • Clears blocked emotions & energies

Name: Carnelian
Also known as: Stone of Action
Befitting: Energizer, Vitality/Passion, Sexuality
Minerals: Silicon Dioxide
Chakra: Sacral


  • Best stone for females' reproductive organs, menstrual cramps, infertility, etc
  • Amplifies the flow of life force energy and gives vitality
  • Helpful in problems of bones and ligaments, gallbladder, and pancreas
  • Gives courage, confidence, and decisiveness
  • Helps one to overcome abuse faced in the past
  • Gives success in career and personal matters
  • Name: Rose Quartz

Name: Citrine
Also known as the Stone of Wealth
Befitting: Wealth, Protection, Will Power
Minerals: Silicon Dioxide
Chakra: All Chakras


  • Great stone to work on solar plexus chakra & all types of digestive problems
  • Strengthen the willpower & drive in life
  • Helps clean blocked old emotions & heals anxiety
  • Helps overcome depression
  • Attractor of wealth & money
  • Attracts luck for business

Name: Jade
Also known as: the Stone of Heaven
Befitting: Abundance, Immune, System Luck
Mineral: Silicon Dioxide with Mica
Chakra: Heart Chakra


  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Good for lungs related diseases
  • Brings emotional balance & eases stress
  • Helps bring down fever and inflammation
  • Brings good luck and wealth
  • Also known as The Gamblers Stone
  • Protects from Electromagnetic Smog

Name: Sunstone
Also known as Stone of Joy
Befitting: Joy, Depression, Luck
Minerals: Sodium Calcium Aluminium
Chakra: Heart, Solar, Sacral, Root


  • Connected with the Sun that helps create light in dark situations
  • Empowers one to outshine in all fields
  • Best stone for depression fills one with joy
  • Triggers Optimism
  • Prevents Energy Drains
  • Stone for Goodluck

Name: Moonstone
Also known as the Stone of New Beginnings
Befitting: loveluckand protection
Minerals: orthoclase and albite
Chakra: crown chakra 


  • promote spiritual
  • promote emotional balance and inner peace
  • meditation or relaxation practice
  • A stone of peaceful sleep

Name: Yellow Jasper
Also known as the stone of inner peace


  • promoting positivity and increasing self-confidence
  • Yellow Jasper stones help remove unwanted thoughts and fears
  • This stone holds strong balancing energy
  • Yellow Jasper brings happiness and uplifts energy
  • This stone emits high resonance that amplifies perseverance and tenacity

Name: Pink Aventurine
Also known as the "Stone of Opportunity


  • for healing emotional wounds
  • balancing the mind and body
  • attracting love into your life.
  • allowing us to move forward in life with confidence and optimism

Name: Tiger eye
Also known as all-seeing, all-knowing


  • attracts good luck and prosperity
  • enhance your self-confidence 
  • It boosts self-confidence and assertiveness
  • It enhances focus, clarity, and concentration

Name: Green Aventurine
Also known as the “gambler's stone


  • Amplifying Prosperity and Abundance
  • Enhancing Luck and Serendipity
  • Promoting Emotional Well-being
  • Strengthening Personal Growth and Confidence
  • Aiding in Physical Healing and Vitality


      Height: 4cm-6cm(approx)

      Diameter: 2cm-3cm(approx)

      Material: Crystal & Wood

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