Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps


Our unique collection of Himalayan Salt Lamps is sure to give your home an ambience it’s never seen before. Not only that, our collection of salt rock lamps is as authentic as it comes. Made using real Himalayan rock salt, our collection of salt lamps possesses multiple health benefits that extend onto whoever those in close proximity. To add to that, we offer multiple variations in design and patterns for you to choose from. All these variations have only one thing in common, that is sheer beauty.

These lamps gained popularity for the warm pink glow they emit. This glow helps give the interior space a feeling of coziness and class, making it the perfect lighting for your cold winters. These lamps possess an extremely versatile look that enables them to be placed and used anywhere around your home, be it your bedroom or living room.

Not only that but these stunning Himalayan rocks salt lamps also carry with them various health benefits. Some of these pink Himalayan salt lamp benefits are listed below – 

Natural Air Purifiers

    Salt Rock Lamps can purify the air around due to a phenomenon known as Hygroscopy. This phenomenon enables the salt lamps to attract water molecules & other particles these molecules may contain and absorb them into the salt crystals. Thereby clearing the air of any impurities such as dust & smoke.

    Eases Coughing

      A lot of things are great about the 21st century…Unfortunately, air quality is not one of those things. Pollution has taken over the world and has made getting a cough easier than it’s ever been. Luckily, Himalayan salt lamps help ease the effects of a bad cough and aid in a quick recovery. This particular benefit of salt lamps comes as they not only remove pollutants from the air but also remove positively charges ions that can cause health problems such as a cough.

      Energy Enhancers

        As discussed before, positively charged ions aren’t exactly the best for our body. They tend to drain our body of energy and this is where Himalayan salt lamps benefits are highlighted. Their ability to reduce positive ions in the air is what makes us feel more energetic. Making them perfect for people who feel drained all day without any real explanation. If you were wondering, our electronics give off these positive ions that in turn negatively affect our health.

        Sound Sleep

          Again, positive ions have a negative affect on our sleep patterns as they reduce blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain. This in turn results in improper sleep cycles. Authentic Himalayan salt lamps help remove these ions to normalize blood and oxygen flow. 

          Reduces symptoms of Asthma & General Allergies

            The above discussed properties help remove dust and other irritants from the air. Meaning, if you have asthma or common allergies, spending most of your time in a room with a Himalayan Salt lamp is sure to help reduce the severity of the symptoms. Giving you another reason to keep a salt lamp in your room.

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