Ek Mukhi (One Face) Rudraksha- Unleash its Power and Benefits!

One Face (Ek Mukhi) Rudraksha

Do you know Lord Shiva is fond of jewellery too? What? That’s the exact reaction on your face, right? Well, Rudraksha beads are what adorn Him! Amid all types of Rudrakshas, ek mukhi rudraksha is the most prominent one.

One face rudraksha is the form of Param Shiva and is associated with salvation. Talk of it and it will give you signs of extreme divinity, eternity and truth attainment.

Did you know 1 face rudraksha curtail your stress? You didn’t know that before, do you? It’s also effective in removing your miseries as it’s ruled by Sun planet.

What’s the significance of Ek Mukhi (1 Face) Rudraksha?

Rudraksha Mala

Talk of significance and one-face rudraksha wows you with its importance. It edifies the super consciousness. It is highly auspicious for meditation.

It is known as the teardrop of Lord Shiva too. But in actual term, it looks like seeds. The Elaeocarpus tree produces these seeds. In India and Nepal, rudraksha is very popular for making organic jewellery.

1 Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Benefits

Here is a list of benefits Elaeocarpus seed with one segment provides.

  • One face rudraksha boosts leadship quality and helps you eradicate problems. 
  • It improves self-confidence.
  • Wearing one face rudraksha helps you control your anger. It also has a healing effect in case you’re suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes or heart related ailments. 
  • It gives you inner peace and helps you in contemplation. 
  • A must-have for sage and sanyasis as one face rudraksha endows them with great spiritual powers. 

Rudraksha Mantra

One Face Rudraksha

Chant “Om Hreem Namaha” as it unleashes the power of rudraksha and invokes its energies.
You can even check ek mukhi rudraksha price and get certificate for its authenticity!

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